Rozec Pharmacy Limited Tuesday January 26th High blood pressure triggers more heart attacks and strokes than any other cause, and kills  more people worldwide than smoking, diabetes, obesity, excessive drinking, or unsafe sex. Most people with the problem don't know they have it. That's partly because high blood  pressure typically causes no obvious symptoms, but also because doctors don't always test  those they should. Even when they do, roughly half of the people with high blood pressure  don't get it under control. That is unfortunat and unnecessary. Simple lifestyle changes often  lower blood pressure significantly. When they don't, drugs usually can.   But even in those instances, you should be vigilant because some doctors start with newer,  heavily advertised drugs when a much less expensive class of medication diuretics are at  least as safe and effective  Monday January 25th Diabetes  is  a  disease  characterized  by  elevation  of  blood  glucose  (a sugar) caused by  decreased production of the hormone insulin and/or increased resistance to the action of  insulin by certain cells. Glucose is the body's main fuel. When you eat carbohydrates (pasta,  bread, rice, grains, fruits, and vegetables), your digestive system breaks them down into  glucose, which is released into the bloodstream so your body can use  it  for  energy.   Glucose  also  gets  stored  in  the  liver  as  glycogen, which  can  later  be  broken  down   back  into  glucose  when  the  body needs fuel.   Insulin, which is produced in the pancreas, regulates both the move- ment of glucose into the  body's cells and the breakdown in the liver of glycogen into glucose. Both actions are critical  to keeping blood sugar levels within normal ranges. .. Helping you look after your health. 50 Babs Animashaun Street, Surulere, Lagos